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The Surface Walkers is progressive orchestral rock with elements of funk, classic rock, electronic, and metal.  

It is a futuristic science fiction tale of love, war, betrayal and redemption told through songs, with subplot themes that touch on aliens, magic mushrooms, wolves and saving the planet

What our fans are saying...

“That was an epic journey! The talent, the story, the music, the laughs. Loved it. Bravo all!” – Allison

“Thank you for one of the best things in a long time...It was awesome, and inspiring.” - Kristen

“It's an invasion of epic proportions! The Surface Walkers are killin' it!” - Brian 

"We got really good feedback and thought provoking conversation from the teen! He kept thanking us for bringing him...he was talking about environmentalism and racism and all of it on the car ride home. SO COOL!" - Andrea

Latest News

The Surface Walkers crew is always looking for fresh collaborations!  If you dig the project, please reach out!  Currently, we are seeking more aritist contributions on video production, visual art, costume design, set design.  May the spirit of the wolf inspire you!