WHo's who in the surface walkers?

Catch up on the story with these character descriptions…If you showed up late, stepped out for a beer or just feel lost…read on!!!

SPOILER ALERT!!!  Reading this page will reveal the fate of the characters.

SKYE BECKETT - Lead Character, Sister to Arik, Daughter of Luna and Richard. As a child, she is visited unknowingly by the Ancient Ones, who brand her arm with “The Mark of the Wolf”.  

She's exiled from the Dome with her family, and is rescued by Judah and Caleb.  She experiences the outside world for the first time, and falls in love with Judah. Confronted with a choice to live in a biosuit forever on the irradiated planet, or become a Surface Walker - which could kill her - she takes the Mushroom and transforms.  Stepping into her destiny as a Surface Walker, she confronts Lucius, and becomes the bridge between the humans and The Surface Walkers.

ARIK BECKETT - Skye's loveable, funny older brother. Arik was born on the surface, and has memories of the Earth before Virian's war, unlike Skye who was so young that she has no memories of life outside the Dome.  A cynical guy, he does not believe The Surface Walkers are real.  He has a strong bond with his mother, Luna, and they often spar and go to the weapons range together.  After they are exiled, he is attacked by a mutated mountain lion on the way to Mt. Shasta, where he sings the ballad “Into the Great Beyond” and dies.

THE ANCIENT ONES - Interdimnesional beings of light that brought the mushroom to Jerobi and Skye to save our planet.  They only reveal themselves to some beings, and the Ancient Ones develop a close relationship with Ani and Judah.  The Ancient One is responsible for saving the tribe during the war, by advising Jerobi to shelter his people inside of Mt. Shasta's legendary crystal caves, which protect them from the radiation and provide spring water.  

JUDAH GRYPHON - Jerobi and Ani's son. Nephew to Adina, cousin to Caleb.  He is the next leader of the Surface Walkers, and the first being to be born as a Surface Walker, without using the mushroom to transform. He can see the Ancient Ones, who have been training him since he was born, to communicate telepathically and use telekinesis.  He can talk to animals, sometimes.  

Following instructions from the Ancient Ones, he leads Caleb on an a journey that results in their rescue of the exiled Beckett Family, and his forbidden love of Skye, a human girl.  As skilled warrior and intuitive soul, Judah must lead his people on a conflicted path to war, as Lucius attempts to destroy them all.