Story synopsis

Act I Summary 

It is the year 2171, 25 years after the radiation from The 
Battery Wars forced the remaining humans into massive urban 
BioDomes. In San Francisco, LUCIUS VON ANGELSON, the ruthless 
tyrant responsible for Earth’s destruction, rises to power. 
Humans pay for the shelter of the dome with their freedom, cell 
phones and virtual reality their only escape. Lucius is 
hellbent on exterminating The Surface Walkers - a tribe of human 
traders that mutated and evolved into superhumans inside Mt. 
Shasta - who are the last threat to his dominion. 

SKYE BECKETT and her brother Arik are outside the dome in their 
biosuits collecting samples for their father’s lab, when Skye is 
visited by a benevolent interdimensional being who gives her a 
gift - the key to the future. Suddenly a Great Cougar appears, 
and as they are running for their lives, she loses it in her 
father’s garden. Weeks later, they discover that his garden - 
which has not been successful in producing a crop for 25 years - 
is suddenly flourishing. The very next day, Skye and her family 
are exiled from the BioDome. During the exile, the other humans 
learn that it is possible to grow food outside the dome. 

The family heads for Mt. Shasta, hoping to find the tribe of 
traders they met 25 years ago still living there. Along the 
way, as they are traversing the Jurassic landscape, they are 
attacked by the cougar again - but Arik is killed and Skye’s 
mother and father are exposed to a deadly dose of radiation. 
They are rescued by JUDAH GRYPHON and his cousin CALEB, two 
Surface Walkers that were guided to them by the benevolent 
beings. Judah and Skye fall in love at first sight. The family 
is taken back to the village at Mt. Shasta, where they reunite 
with JEROBI GRYPHON - Judah’s father and chief of the Surface 
Walkers. The family is welcomed into the tribe, and soon learn 
about the tribes’ prophecy, and their deep connection to a pack 
of enormous mutated wolves. 

Act II Summary 

The Surface Walkers attempt to heal the Beckett family, while 
the Beckett’s teach the Surface Walkers about the Dome. 
Meanwhile, Lucius is visited by a sinister being THE SHADOW, who 
manipulates Lucius to submit to his agenda. The Surface Walkers 
learn that Lucius is building another nuclear bomb and plans to 
destroy Mt. Shasta. A tribal council is convened. The Surface 
Walkers decide to go to war with Lucius, and plan to rescue the 
human slaves in the Dome. 

After a few months, Skye’s parents die. Caleb tries to comfort 
her, but Skye does not reciprocate. Caleb’s mother, GENERAL 
ADINA, takes Skye under her wing and teaches her how to fight. 
Judah and Skye fall deeper in love, while Caleb’s jealousy 
grows. The Shadow continues to manipulate Lucius as the war 
effort intensifies. Jerobi and Adina inform the young lovers 
that their love is forbidden - they are different species and 
Skye will die if they try to have a baby. Skye realizes that 
she and Judah can never have a future unless she evolves into a 
Surface Walker. She decides to eat the sacred mushroom (the 
gift) and undergo the physical and spiritual transformation, 
even if it kills her. After eating the mushroom, the tribe finds 
her unconscious and surrounded by their pack of wolves. She 
wakes up, fully evolved, tames the Alpha Wolf and rides it; 
becoming the only Surface Walker that can command the wolves, 
fulfilling the prophecy, and taking her place as a leader 
amongst the tribe. 

Soon afterward, Jerobi’s old friend REUBEN BRAVO arrives at Mt. 
Shasta, leading thousands of humans that have revolted against 
Lucius and the Dome. They recognize Skye and agree to follow her 
and the Surface Walkers into battle. Caleb convinces the council 
that he and Judah will lead a commando unit to the Dome, cut off 
their power source, and disable their weapons. As Lucius’ army 
attacks Mt. Shasta, the unit sneaks past, but is unable to 
disable the power and is captured. As Lucius is about to kill 
Judah, Jerobi arrives riding his giant falcon, and faces off 
with Lucius, his old foe. During the battle, Lucius lands a 
fatal blow. As Jerobi lay dying, Skye arrives riding the Alpha 
wolf, jumps off and kills Lucius, avenging her family. As they 
are mourning Jerobi, The Shadow appears and challenges Judah to 
fight to the death. The Shadow reveals himself, and we find out 
it was Caleb the whole time! The two have an epic battle, and 
just when it seems that Judah will lose, the beings come to his 
aid and Judah is finally able to harness his true power. He 
turns into a blast of pure energy, like a bomb, killing Caleb 
and evolving into an interdimensional being himself. 

In the end, Skye and Judah become the new leaders of the 
Surface Walkers. The humans return to the Dome, no longer 
slaves. They learn to use their advanced technology in harmony 
with the Earth, and the Surface Walkers no longer hide in Mt. 
Shasta. It all ends with an unexpected twist...or does it begin?